Looking for a Way to Reduce Shedding?

how to reduce shedding on a dogDo you find that your dog leaves a trail of hair wherever they go? Does he shake and make it “snow” fur? Perhaps you find “snow” all year round at your house and you would like the fur to be minimal. We offer a fantastic treatment called the Shed-X treatment that can help reduce shedding up to 90%! This treatment helps the dog fur stay at our spa instead of your home. 

The Shed-X treatment is a full day of pampering starting with special shampoo and conditioner that is left on the pup for at least 10 minutes to receive the greatest benefit. Your furry friend then gets a blow out and a special brushing using a special de-shedding tool. No matter the size of your dog, our Shed-X treatment is only an additional $21. 

Just like their humans, the fur babies need regular upkeep as well! To get the maximum benefit from this treatment, we recommend the pup to come every six weeks for a Shed-X treatment. If you place your hands on your dog before and after the Shed-X treatment, you will notice a significant difference as the coat is much thinner. Another perk of this treatment is that it focuses on the undercoat leaving the topcoat undisturbed and healthy. 

As I am sure you can imagine, the benefits of having a Shed-X treatment are plentiful. Having a regular Shed-X treatment promotes a healthy coat and can reduce the pet dander in your home. This can help tremendously if any family members have allergies. Since this treatment reduces the amount of fur in your home, it can also reduce the wear and tear on your furnace. 

Are you still wondering if the Shed-X treatment is right for your dog? Have you seen tufts of hair on your dog recently? Seeing tufts on your dog often means that their coat is impacted, and the undercoat has too much moisture. The hair in the undercoat gets trapped with moisture and is unable to make its way out. The Shed-X treatment would help minimize the tufts and keep your dogs coat healthy and fresh. 

If you want to reduce your dog’s shedding, call Good Dog Hotel & Spa today to book your appointment.

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