Reasons Dogs Make the Best Valentines!


     Don’t have a date for Valentine’s Day this year? No need to fear, your pup is here to save the day! Sound silly? Well, there are actually quite a few reasons why dogs can make better Valentines than people do. Here we have just a few of the reasons your pup should be your date this year! 


1. Dogs aren’t picky.

They truly can have a blast doing just about anything. You won’t have to worry about a fussy date, as they will be more than happy just spending the day with you!


2. You’ll have the cutest date.

Without a doubt, all your friends will be jealous you’ve got the cutest date in town! What’s cuter than a furry face and a sweet set of puppy dog eyes?! Definitely not that boy you’ve been chasing after. 


3. You won’t have to get all fancied up.

You know that pair of heels that are just so cute, but you can’t help but dread wearing them? No worries! Your dog would love nothing more than for you to throw on your comfiest sweatpants and stay in for the night. 


4. You don’t have to worry about buying extravagant gifts.

Instead of buying a diamond necklace or an expensive pair of shoes, you can just pick up some treats or a cute little toy! The best part is they will love it- no matter how big or small the gift is. 


5. No chance of a sweet Valentine’s Day turning sour.

     You won’t have to worry about any cancelled plans or anyone picking a fight. Dogs are notorious for being happy-go-lucky critters, so you’re in luck! You’ll be sure to have a great day with no complaints. 


6. Dogs make the best cuddle buddies. 

Because they are covered in fluff, and are just naturally warmer than people, they make the best snuggle buddies! So, when your Valentine’s Day comes to an end, you should end the night cuddled up to your best friend.


No matter how you choose to spend your day, be sure to have fun and stay safe! Happy Valentine’s Day! 


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