My name is Bailey MacDonald

Hello World!

I’m pretty excited to be featured in Good Dog Hotel’s blog today because it is the perfect ending to a perfect week. It has been so beautiful outside. Although I love the snow, springtime is much more fun because I love to be outdoors and it’s not so messy.

Well, my name is Bailey MacDonald. I’m a Terrier/Aussie Mix. I’m almost 3 years old, and I’ve been coming to doggie daycare in Indianapolis for over half my life. My first time was back in February 2008! I think it’s the best decision my parents could have made!

So, I’m a little prissy, but at the same time, I’m very sweet. The staff at Good Dog Hotel calls me “little Bailey,” which I love. There is something endearing about it. I love to play fetch, and the staff plays fetch with me all the time, but I’m very particular about which ball I’m fetching. I have a favorite that’s blue. I could go all day long playing fetch with that ball.

I have lots of friends in doggie daycare but I’ll admit, I really like to be hanging out with the little dogs. There’s just something about being the biggest dog in the area and playing with them! Many of the dogs follow me around…perhaps because I’m such a beauty? Speaking of, I’m pretty sure Bartholomew has a little crush on me because he hangs around quite often. I like him, but not like that. Maybe it’s because I get so much attention from the humans. I just love to be held by them and love to lick their faces. Good Dog, doggie daycare gives me plenty of faces to lick!

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