Mini-Me Blog 3 — Hawkeye and Willow

For our 3rd installment in the Mini Me blog series, meet Hawkeye and Willow. Hawkeye is a 9-year-old weim who has been visiting us since he was a pup — his mini-me is a tiny 3-year-old dachshund spitfire named Willow. Here is a little more about each pup:



Silver Dachshund
4 pounds
60ish pounds
Nickname: We lovingly call her Weeeeeeelow (you have to sound it out and smile when you say it).
Hawkey, Hawkey-do, Handsome Boy.
She’s often spotted on the bed in our littles’ section.
Often spotted on the bed in our littles’ section, despite his size.
Takes the shape of a tiny little cinnamon bun when napping on bed.
Takes the shape of a giant cinnamon bun when napping on bed.
Willow is sassy and sweet. She rules the roost when in daycare, and gets lots of love and attention from humans.
Hawkeye is noble, calm, mindful and loving. One of our oldest clients, he’s adored by everyone in our building.
When we first met Willow, she weighed barely a pound. She could actually fit in a pocket, which only made us want to put her in our pockets and run away with her.
Hawkey’s routine is to run through our doors, dash into daycare, open the gates himself and plop down on the bed. He used to roll with the bigs when he was younger; he has since retired to the slower pace of our littles.
Willow’s mom and dad are originally from Spain and moved here to teach Spanish.
Hawkeye comes from a big family of Iowa fans, hence his name.
Why we love her: all of the above, plus her parents are the nicest people on earth and her adopted sister Lola is a sweetpea!
Why we love him: all of the above. Hawkey has been part of our family for almost a decade, and his mom and family are some of our favorite people!


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