Meet Sam Gilroy!

Meet Sam!
Sam is a puggle with a long history at Good Dog Hotel & Spa. It all began many moons ago when Sam was just a puppy, not even 5 months old, and he came to Good Dog to play in Day Care. Instantly, Sam new that he would remember this place forever! For three years we watched Sam play and romp around with friends here at Good Dog.
One day, we received some sad news; Sam and his family would be moving to Boston and we would all have to say goodbye. Sam and his family found a new doggie day care in Boston, but Sam never felt like he really fit in. He just missed his friends SO much at Good Dog. He was really sad that he didn’t know how to use e-mail and couldn’t keep in touch. But one day not so long ago, Sam’s family had some amazing and exciting news! They would all be moving BACK to Indianapolis! Sam couldn’t wait to get back to Good Dog and catch up with all of his old friends!
On Sam’s first day back at Good Dog, he could just smell the familiar scent in the air and he because super excited even before Good Dog was in sight! He came running through the door and ran straight to the day care door! It was as if Sam had never left at all! Sam’s friends welcomed him back with open paws and the day care staff gave him hugs and kisses. He knew he was back where he belonged.
Today, Sam continues to be a fixture in daycare and comes to play frequently. In his free time, Sam enjoys walks, lying in the sun, chewing on rawhides, and taking an afternoon nap on his favorite cushion on the porch. Sam also loves to eat and never turns down a meal! His favorite treats include peanut butter, carrots and even green beans!
If you get a chance, meet Sam in Doggie Daycare here at Good Dog and he would love to share his story with you!

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