Meet Pinky Tuscadero!

Meet Pinky Tuscadero!


My name is Pinky!

Yes, Pinky Tuscadero from Happy Days!

I am a puppy Jack Russell and I have quite a story to share with the world.

Some friends of a groomer of Good Dog Hotel and Spa found me in their backyard scratching on their back-door! These nice people were so surprised to see me they could hardly believe I was there! They had just put their very old dog to sleep the week before and thought they were dreaming when they saw me! After playing with me for a day and trying to find my owner, they thought I was really cute, but decided they weren’t ready for a brand-new puppy after their recent loss.

This is how I ended up at Good Dog Hotel and Spa. When I arrived, all the employees were so nice to me and thought I was the cutest puppy ever! If you look at my picture I am convinced that you will agree.

After I played at the front desk for about an hour, this nice lady that also works at Good Dog, came back from her lunch break and put me in her arms. She said: “I’ve been waiting for a small female puppy for a while now”. And there it was…I found my new mommy!

Several hours later, my mommy announced that my name was “Pinky Tuscadero”. I was wearing a pink collar when I was found and my mommy thought that name fit me just perfectly! This past week I’ve had lots of fun! I met my two brothers and my sister: Mija, Lobo, and Pops. They are all big dogs and I love big dogs!!! One is a Husky and the other two are Pit Bulls. They took me in as their little sister and we are one happy family!

I’ve also been playing in daycare with my other friends. I love socializing and playing with the dogs and the people here at Good Dog Hotel and Spa. It’s been a great week for me and I love my new life!!

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