Meet Kara – Front Desk

Meet Kara. If you’ve ever brought your pooch in to drop him/her off, you’ve most likely gotten the chance to meet Kara and her warm smile! Kara has been with good dog for just over a year now. Being employed with Good Dog has changed her life, and she’ll say so herself. The main reason is because that’s where she met her dog, Zappa.

Just 2 weeks after Kara started her job at Good Dog Hotel, a furry lost little puppy wandered up to our front door and right into Kara’s heart. Zappa was a stray Cockapoo looking for a new home. Kara didn’t have a dog at the time, and although she put up signs and tried to find out if Zappa already had a family, no one ever claimed him. They’ve been inseparable ever since!

Kara says that her one of her favorite things about Zappa is that he gives her hip an excited little nibble when he is really excited and wants her to do something. She also says that Zappa is really smart and always can read her mood. He knows when to cuddle and when to play.

She also says she loves working at Good Dog Hotel because everyone there, including the staff, is fun and really easy going. “ Everyone really loves dogs and being here with dogs. It shows.” She also very much likes the owner, Matt, because he is exactly the same…”He’s a great guy, he’s cool and very easy to work for.”

A funny fact about Kara is that she can sing “row, row, row your boat” backwards! Ask her the next time you’re in!

Thanks, Kara, for being so great and for being part of the Good Dog Family!

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J. Smith
March 22, 2010 at 1:04 PM

I love Zappa! He has the cutest little face!

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