Meet Emmy

Hi everyone! My name is Emmy.

I’m a very pretty 10-month-old Australian Shepherd, and as you can see by my pictures, my unique markings make me stand out in the crowd. I get lots of attention for my good looks, and I love every minute of it!

Back at home I have a sister (a very sweet chihuahua mix named Reba) and we’re quite the pair. My parents adopted me back in August — and my new family is everything I could ask for. I love to chase squirrels around our yard and would dig a hole to China if my parents let me. My naughtiest habit is playing with the water bowl in daycare … I know it’s not “good girl” behavior, but the daycare staff just laughs because I look so darn cute doing it!

I’ve been coming to Good Dog since early September, and so far I’ve enjoyed everything they have to offer. I even met the nice trainer Adam Moos — he really helped me and my family with some “puppy basics.” I can be a little shy from time to time, but Adam taught me to come out of my shell.

When I’m lucky enough to get some daycare play, I enjoy leisurely watching all the silly pups run in circles! Sometimes I do some light jogging with the ladies while we gossip about the day’s events. Since I have a little dog at home, I like spending my time with the big dogs in daycare. My best friend is Heidi the Wheaten, and we can hang with the big dogs for hours!

And last but not least, I love staying in the Good Dog Hotel. I’m spending some vacation time in a roomy suite this week, and I even enjoyed a nice bath and brush with the groomers. With all of my Aussie fur, the brushing feels so good to me!

That’s all for now, but if you have any questions, just ask me. I may have only been here a few months, but I sure know the ropes!

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