Lucky & Diamond, a little man and his big sis

This is the second installment in our series on Good Dog staff dogs.


Name: Lucky Troy Baraby

A.K.A: Bubba, Stubbors, LT, Lucky Lou, Crusty Old Man
Genetics: Chihuahua mix

Story:Spotted dodging busy traffic on Troy Road.
Mary (hotel/daycare) stopped to help. He jumped in her car like it was meant to be.
With no tags, no chip and no lost-doggie ads, Mary adopted him.

Modus Operandi:Nudges you when he wants to snuggle.
Either serves as “hall monitor” for daycare littles, or assists mom in hotel.
Without fail, grabs and shakes a toy vigorously when done with every potty break.
Tug-of-war afficionado.
Burrows under covers.

Favorite thing about Good Dog: Watching hotel movies w/sister Diamond.
Celebrity doppelganger: Any grumpy old man you’ve ever met.

Name: Diamond Isabell Baraby

A.K.A: D-bear, Sissy Bear, Sissy

Story: Surrendered by someone who couldn’t take her to their new home.
Adopted by Mary, Jason (dad), and little (but older) brother Lucky.

Modus Operandi:
Big fan of flipping a rope around while it’s in her mouth.
Was a wild child at first; now very well mannered.
Must always bury under covers at night.
Very vocal when she wants something.
Patrols her sunroom at home.
Always makes sure mom and dad come home safely.

Favorite thing about Good Dog:
Watching movies in her hotel suite with brother.

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