How we can participate in cleaning up the oil spill in the Gulf

Just last week, sent a report on ways to help clean up the gulf. Here is what happened:

As oil continues to gush into the Gulf of Mexico from the April 20th BP rig explosion reaching disastrous proportions, once again, man’s best friend, the dog, may be able to help.

How Oil Spills are Cleaned Up

Fortunately, for experts dealing with oil spills, oil and water do not mix. As oil continues to gush from the leaky rig off the coast of Louisiana, it rises to the surface forming a millimeter thick slick which floats. Depending on location, waves, currents, and weather, various methods of clean up may be employed.

While experts struggle at capping the leaks in the depths of the Gulf of Mexico, others work to control the growing oil slick on the surface by using long floating booms with a skirt which hangs below the surface to contain the oil and keep it from spreading. These booms are made from oil absorbent fibers such as hair, fur, and wool stuffed into casings such as nylon pantyhose.

Well, we have everything we need to do our part. So, that’s why we’re collecting our dog hair. Eyewitness News even came in and did a story on it.

One lb of fur can clean up a quart of oil. Since we have it, we’re sending it. If you would like to help contribute too bring your dog in. We’re located off the Monon Trail and 54th. Check us out on the news!

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