They Call It Puppy Love

Puppy love is the special kind of love that only the furriest of fur babies can provide. It doesn’t matter how old they get; they always have that sweet puppy love to share!
Here’s a few ways to show your pet that you love them:

  1. Go for a walk to somewhere they’ve never been before. Dogs often get bored with their normal walks, so going somewhere new will provide them with new sniffs and their tails will be wagging.
  2. Work on positive reinforcement training. Dogs love to please their humans and they even enjoy being rewarded for it. Try working on something simple like “sit” or “stay” so they can excel every time! For the advanced doggo, try to teach them how to give you a hug or a kiss.
  3. Talk to your dog. Dogs really are “Man’s best friend”. They make excellent listeners and seem to always have a solution to your problems: If you pet me while we talk, you’ll automatically feel better.
  4. Enrich your dog with puzzles. Dogs love to solve problems and learn new things. Get an old towel and spread their food on it. Fold the towel like a burrito and give to them to see if they can figure it out. For a fun human perk, time them to see how long it takes to figure this out. This works well as a DIY slow feeder for the fast eaters.
  5. Tell your dog you love them by rubbing their ears. Rubbing your pup’s ears makes them happy and they feel loved. While doing this, you can whisper sweet nothings and tell them how much you love them. They’ll be grateful for this special attention and extra love.                                                                                                                                                                                         

The great thing about owning a pet is that you’ll always have a special bond– even during times of quarantine!


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