Good Dog’s “Dog Whisperer”

David & ellaWe understand that there are times you have to go out of town and can’t always take your beloved K-9 with you. Whether you have to leave unexpectedly for an emergency situation or a nice vacation, Good Dog Hotel is here to care for your pet unconditionally.

Did you know that when you bring your dog to stay with us, we offer one on one time? Yep, 1:1 time is offered for all dogs that stay with us in the hotel. Your dog can even have more than one session per day!

1:1 is completely centered around the individual dog and his needs. It’s most popular for dogs that are nervous or perhaps a little older. It’s also popular among those pups that are too young for daycare or don’t play as well with other doggies, and daycare just isn’t the right fit for them.

Our 1:1 specialist is David St. Pierre. David has been with us for almost three years. He has come in EVERYDAY, rain or shine, 7 days a week since he began at Good Dog. He is retired and works here with the dogs because of his LOVE for the animals. The best thing is he LOVES each and every dog. Some have even compared him to the Dog Whisperer…seriously.

David has his own 1:1 room at Good Dog with toys, treats, and music for the dogs. He connects with every dog that comes in. He is quickly able to tell what each dog needs. He can tell if a dog is nervous or scared or anxious about being away from home, and he works with them to make them feel comfortable, loved, and safe.

If David is working with an older dog, he has been known to go and sit with the dog in its suite at Good Dog, pet it, and even sing to the dog, making him feel comfortable. For young and energetic dogs he loves to throw a ball, do tricks and games, or take them for a walk on the Monon trail. David truly has a way with dogs not everyone has.

When asked what his favorite part of being with the dogs is, he replied, “It’s the love and devotion the dogs show me. Every dog is a good dog and special, and they show you so much love.” David has frequent visitors. The dogs who stay with us often have built strong relationships with David and are excited to see him.

1:1 time is offered at Good Dog everyday. Each session costs $5 and lasts between 20-45 minutes depending on the dogs needs. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about 1:1 time. Happy Monday!

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