Good Dog honors a 9/11 hero!

It’s not often you get to meet an actual 9/11 hero, but we at Good Dog recently had the honor of grooming one. Kaiser Zintsmaster, a 13-year-old German Shepard, just visited Good Dog for his first professional groom before heading to New York to be honored for his work as a 9/11 rescue dog. He’ll be honored December 7th by the Animal Medical Center as part of their “Top Dog” event. Good Dog groomer Veronique gave Kaiser the special treatment, so he could look and feel his best during the ceremonies.

Kaiser is a trained search and rescue dog, and he was among the first dogs deployed after the attacks. When he arrived in NYC on September 12 with owners Tony and Annette, he immediately began searching through the dangerous wreckage. In fact, half of Kaiser’s carpel pad was sliced completely off during a search, but it was quickly stitched up and he only missed a day before returning to the job. Dad Tony worked with Kaiser throughout the tragedy and has been Kaiser’s owner and trainer since birth.

Groomer Veronique said Kaiser was incredibly well behaved for his first professional groom, and mom Annette says that is pretty typical for Kaiser’s disposition. While he’s a work-horse trained to do the most serious of jobs, he can also be a big love-bug. While Kaiser is now retired, Annette says he was always serious about his work — he would even push past younger brother Jago, also a trained search and rescue dog, during training sessions. However, when it’s time to rest, Kaiser is just a family man who loves spending time with Annette, Tony and Jago.

Good Dog would like to thank Tony, Annette and Kaiser not only for their service on 9/11, but for giving us the chance to meet each of you and groom Kaiser and Jago. Your family is welcome at Good Dog anytime!

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