Fun Fall Outdoor Activities for You and Your Dog

Looking for fun things to do before winter sets in? Check out these outdoor activities and outings for you and your dog.

Autumn in the Midwest is one of the best times of year, isn’t it? As temperatures cool down, being outdoors and enjoying open-air activities become more enjoyable – especially with our furry best friends by our side.

In a previous Good Dog Hotel & Spa post, we shared some of our top picks for dog-friendly events going on this fall in the Indianapolis area. But there are lots of fun activities you can do that aren’t necessarily scheduled events. Below, you’ll find some of our favorites.

And remember, the new season brings with it some potential hazards for dogs and other pets. Take a minute to review our Fall Safety Tips for Dogs as we set out to enjoy the next few months. Have a safe and fun autumn.

Day Trips
In the mood to get away without the hassle of packing your bags? Load up that car and go! Most dogs love car rides, and there are plenty of destinations where adventures await. Whether it’s to visit family or friends, explore a state park, or discover a new community, day trips are even more beautiful when the leaves are changing colors. Just make sure your destinations are dog-friendly. For ideas, check out day-trip suggestions from Visit Indy.

Football season is in full swing, and so are tail-gating parties. They can be a blast for humans and dogs alike, especially when there’s plenty of dog-friendly food and open spaces to play. Whether you’re planning a get-together yourself, or you’re attending one as a guest, take a look at these tips for fun, safe and dog-friendly tailgating.

Dog Parks
Dog parks are the perfect destination when you’re looking to socialize with fellow humans and their pups. Plus, social dogs love meeting new dog friends, and going back to see them time and time again. For some suggestions, see our 2018 Guide to Dog Parks in Indianapolis.

Apple Orchards
Apple orchards are one of the most fall-like destinations there is. With those ripe apples ready for picking, it’s a great way to spend an afternoon with friends, family and your dog. As a bonus, apple slices can help clean your pup’s teeth and freshen his breath. Just make sure you remove the core and seeds, as they can be toxic and a choking hazard. Many orchards are dog-friendly, but make sure to check your local orchard’s rules before you go. Here’s a list of apple orchards from Indy’s Child in the Indianapolis area.

Unlike most national parks, state parks generally feature dog-friendly trails that provide opportunities for exercise and beautiful scenery. There are plenty of dog-friendly trails in the Indianapolis area as well, and they don’t require the drive time. Either way, most dogs love hiking as it presents a whole new smorgasbord of colors, sounds, smells and shapes. Make sure you check out trail details before you go to make sure it’s the right choice for your dog’s size, stamina and abilities. For a list of state trails, visit the Department of Natural Resources’ website.

Pumpkin Picking
Pumpkin patches offer plenty of adventure for humans and dogs alike, especially if there are hayrides and other attractions on site. But just as with apple orchards, check before you go to make sure they’re dog-friendly. Here’s an Indy With Kids list of area pumpkin patches.

Fall Vacation
Lots of vacation spots are especially fun – and budget-friendly – in the fall. The challenge is to find dog-friendly lodging, restaurants and attractions. Where do you begin? Dog Friendly is a site that lists dog-friendly restaurants, parks, beaches and other attractions. Pet Friendly Travel includes vacation rentals, such as cabins, condos and B&Bs. And if you decide to take that trip without your pooch, reserve your space now at the Good Dog Hotel & Spa. Families are planning fall break trips now, and we’ll fill up fast.

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