Fun Activities To Do With Your Dog In Quarantine

As we approach almost the fourth month of quarantine, you may be looking at your dog and thinking, “Man, we really have got to get out of this funk.” Creating new habits and a healthy environment is essential for keeping yourself (and your pup) sane during these odd times. Many pet owners have claimed their pets are responding differently to their owners being at home all the time. Michael Waters’ article on Vox stated, “Some pets are growing clingy, others are pouncing on exercise equipment, gliding across countertops, or hiding in corners and shooting their owners concerned stares.” In order to combat these new strange behaviors, here is a list of activities (Tiki approved of course!) that you and your furry companion can do to keep each other busy.

  1. Exercise, exercise, exercise!Staying active during this time is as beneficial for you as it is for your pet! If you’re going on walks, make sure to social distance (6 ft.), but even if you prefer to stay inside, there’s still so much you can do! Stretch and do some yoga, move the furniture around and play tug-o-war, or, if you have a backyard, run around with them and play chase. A little bit of exercise everyday could help you and your pup stick to a schedule and routine.
  2. Play some mind games!Mental stimulation! We all need it, and so do our dogs. If you ever find yourself lounging on the couch- watching tv with nothing to do- look up how to teach your dog some tricks. There are so many helpful YouTube videos and articles online. It can be a great use of your time and also a fun way to impress your friends! (Take it from Tiki- he loves doing some tricks with us and showing off to other people too!)
  3. Baking dog treats!Rosanna Pansino is an expert baker on YouTube, and has a very informative video on how to make DIY Dog Treats at home. The products she uses are all organic, and she offers substitute ingredients for any allergies your dog may have. Watch her video and give it a try for yourself! Baking these treats keeps your mind busy and will make your dog incredibly happy.
  4. Get creative!Set up an agility course for your pup using everyday household objects! Examples include using boxes, laundry hampers, blankets, tunnels, and small forts for your dog to explore. Mix it up and even get your kids involved! Train them with treats and positive reinforcement. It’ll be a fun experience for everyone involved. (Safety permitted.)

Take some time out of your day to enforce some new habits into you and your dog’s lives, and everyday will start to feel a little more productive. Exercise, Watch YouTube videos for inspiration, and mix things up at home. In the end you and your dog will enjoy the new changes, and learn more about each other in the process.

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