Definitely a Mother Hen!

Definitely a Mother Hen!

I know we have all heard about Momma dogs taking in a kitten as their own. We may have also heard about a gorilla taking in a kitten as her own, but I don’t think we’ve ever seen or heard anything quite like this story!

Mable, a one-year-old hen, has taken to keeping these puppies warm by snuggling up to them while their mother, Nettle, sits out in the yard at a family owned farm in Strewsbury, UK.

Owners Edward and Rose Tate said that Mable was hatched there on the farm a year ago and would have gone onto someone’s dinner plate had they not decided to keep her. Fortunately for Mable, she was in an accident with a horse. The horse stepped on her foot and because of that they decided to bring her in to their home!

About the same time, their dog Nettle had given birth to a litter of pups and after just a few days, she was up and about in the yard. Mable saw her chance and began roosting these puppies to keep them safe and warm while Nettle was out. She is truly a mother hen!

Article Courtesy of Kara Poole

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