Chicago Dog Flu Outbreak

One of our primary jobs at Good Dog is to educate our clients and answer their questions, when we can, about their dogs’ health. As far as we know, there have been no sick doggies at Good Dog. The CDC is reporting that this Strain of dog flu has no Vaccine.   There IS a flu vaccine for another strain of Flu, however the CDC is unsure if the vaccine will guard against this one.

As with all Flus whether human or otherwise, vaccinations may not guard against them completely, but decrease symptoms if infected. Like human flu, the virus is spread through dogs coming into contact with other infected dogs or objects. We always monitor all of our guests for symptoms of illness, and this is no exception. The primary symptoms of canine flu are a cough, runny nose, and fever. Many dogs recover easily, but for very young, very old, and immunocompromised dogs, complications can occur.

Per our usual policy, any dogs that show signs of illness will be referred to their veterinarian and will not be admitted to daycare or the hotel. A hotel guest that develops symptoms during his/her stay will be separated from the other guests, and his/her owners will be notified. We can transport the dog to their vet at the owner’s request.

We have deeply disinfected our building and continue our daily disinfection routine as usual. Just like a school or a daycare, there is no way to guarantee your dog will not become ill here. We continue to keep Good Dog as clean and free of disease as we always do.

As always, the staff at Good Dog Hotel and Spa are committed to keeping your pets safe and happy. For more information on the canine flu, click here to visit the CDC website.

Good Dog Hotel and Spa

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