Best Friends

Sammy & Batrholomew2Hey there! My name is Bartholomew Summers. I’m just over year old and I’m a Miniature Dachshund. Good Dog Doggie Daycare has changed my life. Before I started coming here, my dog years were pretty great because I have an amazing family who loves me and gives me treats. But it was at Good Dog, where I met my bestest friend in the ENTIRE world, Sammy! Now my doggie years are EXCEPTIONAL!

Sammy Clevenger is my age. He’s a cool King Charles Spaniel. We actually started coming to Good Dog Hotel and Spa Daycare pretty close to the same time. Even though we’re not from the same family, it’s as if we’re brothers from another mother. Our birthdays are even in the same month!
We’re both pretty small, and we’re both white with light brown coloring.

Sammy always jokes around with me and says “you’re too small to be acting like a Great Dane!” We always get a kick out of that because I know I sometimes act like I’m too big for my britches. But it’s all in fun.

sammy & Bartholomew2ndMe and Sammy play together and nap together ALL the time! We make friends very easily and let other dogs into our “little dog club” often. We really like Sasha, Holden, and Ollie! They’re all a part of our club too!

We’d love to meet YOUR dog! Bring him on over and we’ll invite them to play with us too!

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