An update on Civil and her new family!

We just received a lovely email from Civil’s new forever family, so we’d like to share the happy update:

Civil is doing great! She’s settling in really well and just completed her first 6-week training class. After some work, she now knows how to play fetch, is 100% better on a leash, absolutely LOVES playing in the backyard, and is doing great with simple commands like “sit,” “stay” and “shake.” She seems to get along with her older brother Kirby (see below for evidence of their watchdog skills), and we haven’t had any major issues with the two. We’re still working on the anxiety she experiences with large dogs, but we know she truly has a heart of gold. With her one ear up and one ear down (adorable evidence below), she’s definitely found her way into our hearts and into her forever home. Thanks again!

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