All About Doggie Daycare!

At Good Dog Hotel & Spa, we offer a great solution for your “dog cooped-up” blues. By dropping off your doggie at Good Dog daycare for the entire day, or even just a morning or an afternoon, we can guarantee your dog will be much happier than being at home all alone, and we will keep him out of the mischief that he might get into.

Our specially trained staff in daycare put your dog’s fun and safety first. They play with the dogs, throw the ball, run around, as well as keep everybody in line. We have outdoor time every other hour so that your dog will get some fresh air in our fenced in yard. And inside, we have plenty of room to run around too! We have playhouses and also have beds, just in case a ‘cat-nap’ is needed.

So with all this fun, I bet you’re wondering what the pricing structure would look like. Let’s say you just want to try it out once to see how your pooch will like it. Single daycare sessions under six hours are $15 and single daycare sessions for over six hours are $22 a day. However, we feel there is a much better savings for you and your pooch by picking up session packages. You can save up to $150 by utilizing this option. If you’re interested in ½ day sessions (six hours or less) we offer five, ten and 30-day packages. 5-day passes are $60, which would give you a $15 savings. 10-day packages are $120, offering $30 savings and for a 30-day pass, it’s $300, saving $150!

For our full-day, daycare packages, we offer 5 for $100 which is a $10 saving. 10 days is $200, saving $20, and 30 day is $570, offering a $90 savings!

The best part about our packages is that they NEVER expire! We’ve also found that they make a great gift for those who could use it! Let us know what your daycare questions are!

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