Our small horse, Favory

Hi! My name is Favory Hofstetter. I’m a Great Dane and one BIG boy! I’m almost 2 years old and well over 100 pounds. In fact I’m bigger than most of the girls at the front desk. I could easily take one of THEM for a walk. That’s pretty fun stuff.

I’ve been coming to the Good Dog Hotel and Spa daycare since October of 2008. I was pretty little when I started coming here. Now, the girls joke and say I’m kind of a small horse. In fact, in the winter when it is REALLY cold out, I wear a jacket that was made for fouls (young horses) and it fits me perfect!

I LOVE to run and jump and I really don’t have any idea just how big I am. At least, that’s what the girls say. I love Chad and Adam in Daycare (daycare staff members). I think I love them so much because they are pretty tall guys and a good size for me.

I also LOVE Rambo (an English Mastiff) and Clementine (a St. Bernard). I think I’m better having friends who are really big, that way I don’t feel so big around them. I love to run and gallop throughout the daycare and I also enjoy a good stretch. I’m very gentle. Some call me a gentle giant.

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