dog care

Canine Influenza

             Each year we as dog owners have to take our dogs to the vet for their annual vaccines. Because we love our furry little friends, we want them to be able to socialize with as little risk of getting sick as possible. Just like our own children, we want […]

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Tiki’s Story- Part 2 of 2

     The continuation of ‘Tiki’s Story’…           Although Tiki had spent so much time at the vet, he was only in the beginning stages of his recovery. For another month or so, Michelle, and some of the staff at that time, would take turns caring for Tiki. He still could […]

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Do Dogs Ever Enjoy Grooming? Yes, Meet Gracie Turner

Not many dogs actually enjoy getting professionally groomed, but this one does. Find out why – plus read our dog preparation tips for a better grooming experience.   We love grooming dogs. We enjoy working with all types, sizes and personalities, and we’ve seen shy or nervous dogs learn to tolerate – and then even […]

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