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Meet Chewbacca!

Meet Chewbacca! Hi!! My name is Chubaka but my friends call me Chewy! The vet thinks I am almost 5 years old and that I am a mix between a Great White Pyrenees and a St. Bernard. On this one beautiful day, I showed up at a “roller derby meeting” at the “Circle City Socialites”. […]

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Our pets can be much more than companions

We’ve always heard that a dog can be a man’s best friend. However, according to an article we ran across by Maggie Koerth for MSN Health and Fitness, pets can do much more than be our companion. Here are some of roles that our loving pets can play in our lives. We’ll hit five of […]

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Professional Grooming – Not Just for Puffy Pooches

Some more information about grooming. Professional Grooming – Not Just for Puffy Pooches By Janice Biniok (This article was published on, Jan. 2003) When you think of professional dog grooming, do you think of bouffant Poodles, silky Shih Tzus or dapper Schnauzers? If you think professional dog grooming applies only to certain breeds, here’s […]

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Grooming: How It Affects Your Dog’s Behavior

By Kathy Diamond Davis Canine Behavior Series Stroking our dogs provides emotional and physical benefits for humans, even lowering blood pressure. Dogs given the right conditioning to human touch come to benefit from this interaction with their families just as much as the humans do. Good grooming conditions dogs to the handling that is so […]

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