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5 Fun and Easy Things to do with Your Dog this Winter

1. Stay inside and bake yummy treats! This one you can never go wrong with. Our furry friends are always up for a tasty treat! Instead of going out in the cold, hang out with your pup inside and get to baking. There are tons of cool recipes on the internet for easy, affordable, home-made dog […]

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Tiki Taco – Behind the Music

Ok, so Tiki clearly isn’t a musician, and this isn’t a rockumentary about his trials and tribulations as a rockstar. (Although in our world, Tiki is definitely a rock god.) Actually, the blog title is an evil ploy to grab your attention and give you a glimpse into Tiki’s life. You may see him in […]

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Good Dog’s Dearly Devoted, Part Two

Portia and Ginger Barr Meet Portia and Ginger Barr, the second installment of our series on Good Dog’s longest-standing customers! Every once and a while you hear stories of dogs overcoming all obstacles, and this is another one of those stories! At just 10 weeks old, Portia and Ginger were found under the White River […]

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Good Dog’s Dearly Devoted. Part One

Coming next month Good Dog will celebrate it’s 7th birthday! We first opened our doors on March 12th of 2005. Since then there have been many changes, new decor, new staff, and plenty of new dogs.  In fact we currently have around 10,000 clients in our system! We wanted to give a special shout out […]

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Good Dog’s 2011 Yearbook Poll

We’re fortunate enough to have many spectacular “regulars” here at Good Dog, and it doesn’t take long before they become part of our family. Our employees’ spouses often hear funny stories about these dogs after coming home from work at night, and many of our frequent fliers have earned nicknames over the years. We even […]

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Meet Emmy

Hi everyone! My name is Emmy. I’m a very pretty 10-month-old Australian Shepherd, and as you can see by my pictures, my unique markings make me stand out in the crowd. I get lots of attention for my good looks, and I love every minute of it! Back at home I have a sister (a […]

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Meet Gigi!

Hello everyone! My name is Gigi! I actually have many names I go by, my full name is Giselle Madeleine, sometimes my Mom calls me Weiger or Butters, but most of the time I go by Gigi. I’m a very sassy 2-year-old French Bulldog! My mom got me in Ohio when I was just 12 […]

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