Good Dog has been adopting dogs out since our inception. When Katrina hit New Orleans, staff from Good Dog went down to neighboring towns and brought back over 30 homeless dogs. It took some time, however every one of the pups found a forever home! Since that time, we have adopted out many more pups. Good Dog always tries to help those pups that have nowhere else to turn. Almost all of our staff have added a pup to their own families through our adoptions. We partnered with a shelter about 3 years ago that was overflowing and took 3 of their pups to help them out. Please read about our successful adoptions and consider our current adoption pup to add to your family.

Meet Ginger!Meet Ginger! She is about 7 and is a sweetheart! She loves nothing more than to cuddle on your lap. She seems to be some sort of short haired terrier, weighs about 18 lbs and adores being petted. She does really well with dogs one on one, however does not really like groups. She likes to run and play with children. One thing that caught our eye is that she smiles at times! It is too cute! Please call us if you would like to meet Ginger and make her part of your family!